Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Shotgun Files

For the most part, our Trip to the Argolid and Corinthia has been relatively safe. Perhaps this is because we were not visiting archaeological sites in olive groves on either a Sunday morning or on a holiday. It was on the last trip that we learned that such times are when Greek hunters come out in droves. As I posted previously, at both Kalapodi and the Theban Kabeirion we found ourselves in the midst of several bird hunters, who were stalking the surrounding hills under the olive trees. Luckily, Regular Member Karl Goetze made several recordings of our visits to these sites; I have finally gotten tech-savvy enough to figure out how to get these files onto my blog (thank you, third-party hosting sites).

In the this recording, you will hear Denver Graninger at work. Who is this Denver person, you ask? Denver is the Rhys Carpenter Fellow at the School this year. This means he comes on some of the trips with us and presents a number of the sites. The Rhys Carpenter Fellow is also affectionately known as the Mellonaki – the Little Mellon Professor. It is his job to assist the Mellon Professor, our Program leader, as necessary.

On this Tuesday morning (Oxi Day, thus a national holiday), Denver led us to the Kabeirion at Thebes. A sanctuary where local Mysteries took place, it is located outside of the city, nestled in some low hills on the edge of extensive agricultural fields.

To listen, download the file here:

Denver presents the Kabeirion.

By this time I think we’d gotten used to the gunfire; note also that Denver never flinched once. [Insert joke about the bad-assery of archaeologists here.]

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