Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Corinth Kennel

Many houses in Greece are surrounded by low walls that form a sort of compound. Such is the case at Corinth, where the dig house is surrounded by head-high walls marked with a few serious looking gates. Inside one finds a rather spacious yard.

Anyways. The first thing that one notices upon entering the compound is the sound - growling, yipping, barking, scrabbling paws and clicking toenails. Yes, its the dogs of Corinth, here to brighten everyone's day.

There's Floyd, the black dog with the brushy tail, who has been raised in the ways of dog parks and is thus an expert in playing, wrestling, chasing, and gnawing.

Then there's Mata, the recently adopted stray from the excavation site who lived in the trenches and melted everyone's heart with her blue eyes and oversized paws. She follows Floyd around and tries to emulate him in every way, like a little sister with a big brother.

Harriet is just a year old and bounds about in exact imitation of a hare. Speaking of hair, hers was shaved off today, so that with her shaggy head and completely bald body, she looks to be straight out of Dr. Seuss.

The bosses of the yard are Charlie and Norma, the terriers belonging to the Dig Director. They're loyalty is legendary, such that this last weekend when Guy Sanders went to a conference, his two pups staked out the gate and stared at it for three days straight, giving disappointed looks to everyone else who entered. They're fierce, too - Charlie recently killed a snake that was about a meter long, right in front of a tour group of undergrads. Said snake will soon be a trophy of sorts, currently being defleshed for the bone study collection.

That's five dogs. That's a lot of playing fetch, chasing eachother pell mell, digging extremely deep holes, arguing over bones, running back and forth, wagging tails and sideways grinning. As has been said on more than one occasion, they make for constant entertainment, a sort of 'dog-tv.'

And of course, if you plan on jogging up the side of the mountain but think that it might be unsafe to go alone, there's always Sadie Saddleback. He's a super friendly street dog who plays with Floyd on site and hangs out at the pottery shack. Sadie is happy to accompany you trailblazing and asks in return only a bowl of water and a single doggy treat. What a gentleman.

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