Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So close!

Oh man!

Four hours 'til the Midnight Showing of the new Harry Potter movie. I can barely stand it!


doug said...

Are there lines outside the theaters?

When book #7 was due to come out, people were lined up for a block and a half outside the Barnes & Noble by our apartment. The best of the bunch was a guy dressed up as Snape with a puppet bird on his shoulder that he would have scream at people as they walked past him. It was awesome.

Katie said...

Wow! Why would Snape have a puppet bird? That's pretty damn cool.

So I was sort of disappointed with the movie. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

AJC reviewer this morning gave the movie a B and said that it was better than some of the other less-than-good entries in the series. Did it get as high as a B for u ...not, of course, that I will go stand in lines for it...just wondering. sr

Katie said...

Yea, a B is about right.

Anonymous said...
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