Sunday, August 30, 2009

Entourage is the top seller

So the Poster Job is going well. It is not the most inspiring work ever, of course. Nor is it really that much fun. And despite all the traveling it requires, I haven't been able to see much. Perhaps that's the 12-15 hour days, the constant driving, the daily setting up and dismantling of an entire store and the need to do daily sales reports and expense sheets.

But it pays for future fun, and that makes it worth it. My partner and I have gotten into a rhythm, gotten used to eachother's foibles, and the truck has begun to feel like a lived-in home. I've also learned a few things on the way. For example, Ryder trucks have cabs that flip forward so that you can check the engine when the truck breaks down on the side of the highway - just make sure you've taken all your stuff out before you do so. I've learned that there are 18 million small colleges out there - who knew? I've gleaned that the bridges around Philly are super low, as low as 10 feet - this can put a real limit on your wanderings when your truck is 11'4. I also discovered that the New Jersey Institute of Technology has the best cafeteria EVER - it also has a mascot, the Highlander, that looks a bit like a zombie in a kilt.

That's a poster sale in the background!
And, I've learned, if you smash your Kindle because you have too many REAL books in the same bag, Amazon will send you a new one in 48 hours time. Sweet.

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