Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Location, location, location

Thank you, Grandpa Rask, for moving to Florida 60 years ago, and for establishing an ancestral home for me to enjoy.

Even chores are fun!

Now I know what I want for graduation.

The morning commute to the breakfast spot is sublime.

And the local wildlife is friendly! Like this dude, about three feet from our canoe, giving me the evil eye.


K said...

Love the sunfish! Wish we lived somewhere where we could use one.

Jana said...

The Florida sun was brighter because you were here. Now we need to delete the humidity

Jana said...

Katie, this morning, early, something plowed its way up the intracoastal. It was not a fish-no fin-not a manatee because they usually swim underwater, not a dolphin, not a ray-no two fins, but made a determined fast wake and maybe led by two eyes. I can only think of one thing....I know I told you no gators in the intracoastal but...
A Joanne