Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Here at the Poggio Colla excavation, I eat dinner every evening at the student dig house, where Beppina and her husband Bruno lay out a fantabulous spread. The house is called 'Podere della Vigna,' which pretty much translates as 'vineyard.' I actually do have to walk through a vineyard to get there. One of the best parts is that there at the top of the hill Beppina and Bruno have taken in a little stray who has melted the hearts of every college-aged person in the near vicinity.

His name is Romeo. Let's all say it in Italian: Row-may-OH.

Every excavation or study abroad project ends up having a faunal mascot of some sort. This little guy has turned into ours. Somehow every little thing he does is mesmorizing. Watching his every move is more fun than TV. If he happens to be present during any educational lecture, the learning that actually occurs is minimal. As it's been a while since I posted any gratuitous pictures of cuteness, I might as well let loose with them now.

He recently learned to pounce, so he attacks everything. He can be a vicious little thing now that he's also learned to bite. The other day he got me on the chin and then, as dainty as you please, he practically bit off my nostril.

He can even camaflougue himself.

And of course, he's adorable especially when he runs out of steam.



Anonymous said...

He is adorable and he looks almost exactly like Muppet. You'd fall in love with him instantly if you met him. We tend to find his every move mesmerizing still, except the times he's biting us, chasing the other cats or throwing stuff off the tables. He can be the cutest thing ever when he's resting but he's a total demon when he's awake.

J. Harker said...


Anonymous said...

That kitten looks like my baby Fran who was a gray tabby too. I'll bet he plays a mean "cover pounce on feet" game.



Anonymous said...

He totally looks like Muppet. And yes, he's the Demon Kitty.

Anonymous said...

He totally looks like Muppet. And yes, he's the Demon Kitten.

Jana said...

oh oh...but he looks delightfully happy in Italy. Don't be tempted. we sail today and will think of you.
A Jo

Yang said...

Is he coming back with you? ;)