Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Exercisable Weekend In Athens

This was the weekend of good health. We had a 12 hour day out in the field on Friday, traveling to Rhamnous, Oropos, and Dekeleia. There were significant amounts of hills to climb, and some actual hiking in the woods.
Inspecting the royal cemetery atop Dekeleia, the site of a Spartan encampment and the palace of the Greek dynasty.

This is the point where Jason and I got lost. The site of this collapsing church is a five-way crossroads. Eventually they had to send out a search party for us. Thanks, Denver, Karl and Dan.

On Saturday I went on a 7-mile hike to a monastery on Mt. Hymettos. The most striking thing about the walk was that there was a lovely part of Athens so close to where I live, and I had no idea.
There was a place by the University for jogging and tossing around the football.

The monastery.

Then on Sunday there was another game of football. I QBed for the first time in my life, and who would have guessed, actually made completions and several touchdown passes. We’ve given up on the Embassy field; our other field was totally soaked and muddy, so we were all filthy in the end.
It sucks covering Karl. He’s like twice my size. Somehow he managed to fall in the swamp about 10 times more than the rest of us. I only fell when I almost slid over the side of the cliff at the edge of the field but was stopped by a metal pole to the shin.


Jeremy LaBuff said...

Haha, awesome! I promise I'm gonna come play one of these days

Katie said...

Nice work, Rask.