Monday, September 21, 2009


The poster job is officially over, and now I'm back in Atlanta for a few weeks, just in time for the torrential rains. Although I have gotten some reading done (Hello, Art History and Its Methods: A Critical Anthology), I have also spent some time driving in circles because the impassable roads are dangerously flooded, as well as standing knee-high in insulation, trying to deal with the leak in my mom's attic.

The swiftly-flowing river in my mom's backyard.

Since I didn't write many blog posts while I was out on the road, I figured now would be a good time to present the sorts of things I saw. Such as:

Some pretty cool architecture.

The Electric Slide, here at a street-fair (with DJ!) that was put on by a university.

The open road, and beautiful countryside. Route 29 in Virginia, my home-state.

Local flavor. The mosaics of Philadelphia's Magic Garden.

Posters and swine flu. The school where this sale took place already had over 600 documented cases of swine flu - give me a week and I'll let you know if I got it.

My partner, Ian. Reliable and hard-working, I saw my partner Ian for all 24-hours of the day, for 4.5 weeks. He can lift poster books like nobody's business, and drive a truck like a champ. It's he who I must thank for getting me on the poster tour. Thanks, Ian!


Dallas said...

Rt 29 is a gorgeous drive, esp. through Madison County. VA, generally, is a beautiful place.

Jeremy LaBuff said...

You were in Philly and didn't tell me? Actually I don't know how you would have so you're off the hook. I love that house tho! If you ever come back through, let me know :)

Aoka said...


I'm a young folk whose moving to brooklyn and trying to find out how to get on a poster tour to supplement the insane expenses I'm about to incur. I feel like I have known people of the wind that have went on them and when I ask them how they say some obscure story that involves something like...I answered an add on Friday and on Monday I was off....or my friend of a friend pulled me into it. I was wondering if you'd be so kind as to send some info my way on how to go about getting on one.

thank you kindly, and I hope you have a magical day!