Friday, January 23, 2009

Nap time in the Erechtheion

Long day today. Twelve hours visiting sites in Attica, climbing two mountains. Now stuffed full of one of my favorite dinners that they serve at Loring Hall. Will sleep it off and post tomorrow. Until then, here's a scene from the Erectheion yesterday that should let you know how sound asleep I wish to be.


Anonymous said...

Beast Cat will be joining you in spirit. She has discovered the small heating pad I use to keep my diabetic feet warm in winter. She no longer spends much time in my arm pit. She heads straight for my feet and the warm pad--imagine as you drift off, Beast Cat is motor-boating as she dreams her dreams of you. I have to bet her to share so we can both be warm sr

Claire said...

That wouldn't be a dog called Scar, or perhaps Scratch, would it?? Insane if he was still alive!