Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Day in Turkey with Asphodel

What did I do today?

I walked through fields of asphodel. It turns out, when you are climbing down a precarious mountainside, asphodel is actually a useful plant to grab on to to prevent unexpected and rapid descent. Not only does it have a pretty name, but it is a tough, strong plant lacking in all things spiky.

I enjoyed the view from Larisa, looking down on the plain where Xenophon and the female satrap Mania hung out.

I looked at a lot of polygonal masonry made in purple andecite. As John Camp has stressed, Aristotle declared that fortification walls should be an adornment to the city, and the walls of Larisa, with their attention to color and pattern, exemplify the idea well.

Check out Pergamon's Red Basilica, a gigantic brick building from the 2nd c. CE.

I saw some pretty wicked 19th century Turkish weaponry.

I got trapped outside the entrance of Pergamon without my ticket, which Yildirim had already taken into the site. John Lee had to save me so I didn't get left behind, running up and down the mountain with my ticket. Here he comes to save the day.

I finally saw the spot where the famous Altar of Zeus was located.

I got to see a crazy round building at the Asklepion at Pergamon. Say hi to Jennifer Neils in this video - several times.

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