Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things I see a lot of

The view from the back of the bus. Somehow I've managed to hold on to the same seat I've had the entire year.

This picture is a double whammy. First there's the map stop, with all of us standing around a map of the area, compass properly positioned, learning the lay of the land. Then there is the passing-out-of-the-handouts. If there is a handout for every site we visit, then how many times this year have I watched the handouts go round?

The climbing of a hill/acropolis/mountain. Notice that everyone else is somehow ahead of me.

Usually when people post pictures of their trips, they upload the ones of beautiful landscapes, quirky images, or smiling people. Far too often, the most ubiquitous images are left out, especially the bus. The tour bus is one of the most common things to see in Greece, and for us, it is pretty much the structural core of our day. I would go as far as saying it is the center of our world.

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Jeremy LaBuff said...

I'm guessing you're last because of the precious time you take getting the perfect angle of everyone else trudging up the hill for your blog :P