Monday, March 16, 2009

ASCSA Turkey Trip: It Begins

Have a look at Iznik, our first stop on Day One of the Ionia (coastal Turkey) trip. Also known as ancient Nicaea. There's a Creed named after this place. I liked it. The place, not the Creed. Especially my first taste of pide, Turkey's version of pizza.

In Iznik, we visited the Green Mosque, the first I have ever entered. It was pretty and stuff.

I finally learned how to properly use the Flower Button on my camera. I did take pictures of flowers, but made better use of it on coins. I can't believe I actually took this picture of a Byzantine coin in the Bursa archaeological museum. I rule.

We stopped at the River Granicus, near where Alexander of Macedon had a battle with the Persians. There were also the remains of Byzantine bridge along both banks of the river, which reminded me a lot of growing up in Virgina with its ruined bridges from the Civil War era. What I liked most about the river, though, was the trash. Have a click on the picture to see what a river looks like with litter. Oh, and what the sides of every road look like. And basically everywhere else.

Katie poses for a Mom-Shot. One of my favorite things so far was when we hiked the spur of the 13th-14th century city of Priapos. It's never been excavated, but huge bits of the fortifications still stand, looking exactly like rock spires in the American south-west. It was a beautiful day with a beautiful landscape.


Jeremy LaBuff said...

Now you know how they keep the cities so tidy. And for your fun fact of the day: Ankara has banned Youtube!

Anonymous said...

Hey J.,

How is Ankara? Boring as always?
Actually it's not Ankara, but some provincial small court. Apparently several idiots filed complaints for some PKK training videos, some Greek videos swearing to Atatürk, and stuff like that. And of course youtube doesn't take them out.

Everbody, the PM, several parties, and ministers called for the cancellation of the verdict, but the imbecile local court insists.

There are several ways to get to Youtube: use proxy sites like "ktunnel". Or install this small program written specifically for this:

Hey Katie, when exactly are you guys going to Istanbul? I need to finish my small Istanbul thing before that.



Katie said...


We're not in Istanbul for like another week. Plenty of time to compose your tome. We're all excited to read it.