Monday, April 20, 2009

Greek Easter: Eating Brains. Does this make me a zombie?

So this weekend was Greek Easter, which is like a week long celebration of churchiness and family visitations, in contrast to a measly Sunday morning at home. The School threw a lamb roast in the back garden.

The roasting of the lambs started pretty early, while I was still asleep. They were skewered over the flames with electronic motors, each one staffed by a baster. I was one such baster for a brief time.

I'm quite proud of this gruesome picture.

This toothy fellow is the one I basted for a while. The gross part was when somehow his brains erupted out of the back of his skull and stuck there, perched like a revolting, oozing brain mushroom. Then I accidentally touched the nastiness with the baster brush, which I guess means I basted the lamb with its own brains.

Happy Easter, Everybody!

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