Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Tar Tumulus at Belevi, Turkey

This is what happens when you climb through a huge tumulus in the dark and you think the dirt you're touching is just dirt, but it turns out a few years back some people thought it was a good place to burn tires, so in reality you are climbing through tar.

And then the bus driver doesn't want you to get on the bus and covers your seat with newspaper as if you weren't house-trained, and your clothes won't get clean and they feel like they have a scum of fat on them, and when you take a shower it turns out that the tar actually went through your multiple layers of clothing (including longjohns) and needs to be scrubbed off your flesh, and it soaked through your shoes which you can no longer wear and the the soles of your feet are black. And no matter how many times you wash your hands and no matter how many wet naps you uses, your palms are still covered in tar for a few days.

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Jacquelyn said...

Perhaps ironically, Rask, I just googled "Belevi Tumulus" for our upcoming Ionia trip, and your post was near the top of the list!