Saturday, April 11, 2009

You Won’t Believe What I Did Last Night

On Friday some friends and I went to a music bar in Kolonaki, called Baraki. It’s one of those art house places – if it were 1950 there’d be some beatniks on stage with berets, reading poetry off napkins. The guy who owns the place was a gruff looking man with a long mustache  – a spot of unadorned confidence among Kolonaki snootiness. The bar has been there for years and years and they specialize in interesting, unusual music – you know, the kind you hear on NPR.

Last night the band played Medieval and Renaissance music. It was the most incongruous thing. Here we are going out on a Friday night to see a band that doesn’t go on until after 11pm, in a smoky bar – and the band sings in Latin. Think Renaissance fairs, monasteries and recorders. Fortunately, they were wearing normal musician clothes – all black.

The best thing about the group, Lyrae Cantus, was that they seemed to be having a ton of fun – you could tell they had lots of inside jokes and had been together for a long time. My favorite part was the different personalities. First there was one of the singers. Imagine a super tall dude with really broad shoulders, a bald head, and the distinctive look of a soccer hooligan – then imagine him beating a tiny drum with a mallet and singing with the most angelic expression. Then there was the actual percussionist – long ponytail, glasses, with an aged up Trustifarian look, who played his Medieval bongos with all the arm flourishes and head bobs that you’d expect from a Phish concert.

But my favorite member of the group was one of the two women. She had black Hermione Granger hair, rock-star-tight jeans, 3-inch heels and a very satisfied expression. And she was playing this:

A lute. I swear to god, she had 3-inch heels and a lute. It was frickin’ awesome.

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Jeremy LaBuff said...

Sweet! I think your blog is sometimes dedicated to making me jealous though ;)