Wednesday, April 8, 2009



I went to an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist today that I found on the US Embassy list of English-speaking doctors. I went because one of my ears hurts and is big and swollen. The office was in Kolonaki and looked very old-fashioned, with wooden panelling and leather furniture and a doctor who had a snaking light on his forehead in the exact manner of a deep-sea-flashlight-monster-fish. He said he didn't see anything wrong with me (even though my ear is swollen!), told me I had allergies, and prescribed me an antihistamine. And then charged me 100 euros and wouldn't take a credit card. Thanks for nothing, dude.


Anonymous said...

Well now, so what's so different about some of the docs here in the good old usa? Remember that expensive ones said I was just fine and within days I was having stints put in my arteries to keep me alive. No weird lights in his head, but still no brains.

When the frack r u going to come home, anyway? Your post the other day to future students made it seem like u might be done soon. Please advise this old, distrustful (of white coated dudes) broad when we can maybe see u. sr

Charles Ellwood Jones said...

Welcome to the Greek medical experience. Couple of things:
1) Never trust Embassy information.
2) Go see Dr. Nick tomorrow.
3) Free advice (mine) is worth what you pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your ear. You've had quite a list of ailments this season, poor you.

An doctor with an office in Kolonaki? I'm surprised he didn't charge you double the amount. But you're right, doctors here don't take credit cards.

Anonymous said...

It's much easier to avoid paying taxes if they only accept cash--the car rental company we deal with each year demands the same.

Sorry about your ear.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell u yesterday, last time I had swollen ears (also very red and very painful), in desperation I put a small ice pack on them. It really did help, it reduced the swelling so they didn't hurt so much. Didn't solve the problem--antibiotics did that along with an expensive doc visit--however, it sure made them feel better for a while. Also helped me hear better while the swelling was done. yours, Dr. SR

Katie said...

Thanks everybody. Due to a variety of experimental medicines (not THAT kind of experimental), I think I've got it taken care of for now. I hope!